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New WebPhone Calling Card Feature

WebPhone Plus offers great calling features at no additional cost

There will be times in your day when you are not available to take a call. VoiceMail can answer your calls and take a message that you can retrieve anytime from your WebPhone, a regular telephone or your PC. You can also manage your VoiceMail settings in our online account center.

To set up your VoiceMail mailbox:

  1. Click the Messages button on your WebPhone.
  2. A voice prompt will provide you with two options: Press 1 to check your VoiceMail and Press 2 to administer your mailbox.
  3. Press 2 to administer your mailbox.
  4. Follow the instructions to set up your mailbox.

To listen to your messages using WebPhone:

  1. Click the Messages button on your WebPhone.
  2. Press 1 to hear your VoiceMail messages.

A notification message will appear in the WebPhone status window when new VoiceMail messages have arrived.

To listen to your messages online:

  1. Login to our online account center at www.webphone.com.
  2. Click on the Voicemail link on the left side of the page.
  3. Click on the Play link to download and play a message.

E-mail notification: You can also receive an e-mail notification whenever a new VoiceMail message arrives. From the VoiceMail page in the account center, select the Enable E-Mail Notification option, enter your e-mail address, and click the Save Settings button.

Receive VoiceMail as an e-mail attachment: Your VoiceMail message can be attached to the notification e-mail as an audio file (.WAV format). This feature is also enabled through the account center.

To listen to your messages when you are away from your computer:

  1. Dial the WebPhone VoiceMail access number (1-866-320-3078).
  2. Allow the phone to ring until the VoiceMail greeting is played.
  3. During the VoiceMail greeting, press the "*" key.
  4. Enter your PIN when prompted.
  5. Follow the instructions to listen to your messages.

Usage Notes:

  • The Call Forwarding feature allows you to determine when calls should be switched to VoiceMail. You can use VoiceMail for all calls, when your line is busy, or when you do not answer the phone after a preset number of rings.
  • Each VoiceMail message can be up to five minutes in length, and you have a total of 30 minutes available for all of the VoiceMail messages in your mailbox.
  • If your mailbox is full, a caller who is transferred to your VoiceMail will hear a message stating that your mailbox is full. In this case, the caller will be unable to leave a message.
WebPhone Plus feature codes
Download a complete list of WebPhone Plus feature codes (PDF)

WebPhone User's Guide
Instructions for using this calling feature are included in the WebPhone User's Guide (PDF)

Online feature management
You can change your VoiceMail settings in the Manage Features section of our online account center. Login to the account center.