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New WebPhone Calling Card Feature

WebPhone Plus offers great calling features at no additional cost

WebPhone is equipped with a conference call feature, which allows you to conference up to 5 different users onto one phone call.

To create a conference call:

  1. During an active phone call, click the Conf button to place the current call on hold. The "Line 1" indicator in the status window will flash while you are setting up the conference.
  2. Enter the phone number you would like to conference in, and click the Dial button.
  3. Once the call is successfully connected, click the Conf button to establish the conference between lines 1 and 2. You can conference up to five calls by repeating this process.

To remove a call from a conference call:

  1. Click on the appropriate line indicator in the status window.
  2. Click the End button.
WebPhone Plus feature codes
Download a complete list of WebPhone Plus feature codes (PDF)

WebPhone User's Guide
Instructions for using this calling feature are included in the WebPhone User's Guide (PDF)
Frequently Asked Questions:

How am I charged for conference calls?
You will be charged for each call that makes up the conference. Each call will be listed separately in your Call History.