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Call Transfer

Call Transfer allows you to forward the current phone call to another phone number or another WebPhone user.

To transfer a phone call:

  1. During an active phone call, click the Transfer button to put WebPhone into the Transfer mode.
  2. Once WebPhone is in Transfer mode, enter the number to which you would like to transfer the call in the Phone Number field, and click the Dial button.
  3. WebPhone places the current call on hold and attempts to connect the call to the transfer number. While this happening, the message "Transferring... (On Hold)" will be displayed in the WebPhone status window.
  4. When the call is connected, a "Transfer Succeeded" message is displayed in the status window.
WebPhone Plus feature codes
Download a complete list of WebPhone Plus feature codes (PDF)

WebPhone User's Guide
Instructions for using this calling feature are included in the WebPhone User's Guide (PDF)