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New WebPhone Calling Card Feature

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Call Hold

This feature allows you to place a call on hold to answer another incoming call or to make a call on a different line. You can easily switch between multiple calls -- reconnecting to a call is only a click away.

To use Call Hold:

  1. When a call is in progress, click the Hold button on your WebPhone software.
    The status window will indicate that the call is on hold, and the Line tab in the status window will blink as long as the call is on hold.
  2. Click another Line tab to make or receive another call.
  3. To take a call off hold, click the appropriate Line tab.
WebPhone Plus feature codes
Download a complete list of WebPhone Plus feature codes (PDF)

WebPhone User's Guide
Instructions for using this calling feature are included in the WebPhone User's Guide (PDF)
Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I place more than one call on hold?
Yes. WebPhone provides five lines for calling, and each line can be placed on hold.

How am I charged for calls on hold?
Your regular WebPhone rates apply when you have a call on hold. You will continue to be charged until you end the call.